Many products will stop a child from pulling a gun's trigger.  Most have pros & cons.  Below is a list in order of solutions most likely acceptable to dad, who wants a gun ready for an emergency as fast as possible, and without potential problems.  Information taken from the product's website.  ANY of these products will protect your child -- so take action now!


This product blocks the trigger and is released with a biometric fingerprint reader or by entering a pin number on the unit.  The unit was developed by ex-military.  The unit pops forward to reveal the trigger.  Weight is under one pound. The unit opens fast.  It can store 5 fingerprints.  Fingerprint readers are generally reliable according to experts, but may not function if the finger is sweaty or dirty.

The unit is currently only available for right-handed shooters.  It will fit all semi-automatic handguns, but will not fit revolvers, rifles, or other long guns.   Retail Price:  $299, with $199 special price.

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Individual Gun Safes

Consumers have a wide choice in these mini gun safes.  Some are opened with multi-fingerprints readers like the one shown or with a key or combination.  The safe is not light, but it is portable.  It cannot be used to carry a gun safely in a purse.  Fingerprint readers may not work if any finger is damp or dirty.  Key locks require finding the key, and combination locks require remembering the numbers.

Retail prices vary, generally ranging from $90 to $300 or more.



This unit was invented in Israel by ex-military Special Forces.  It is assembled in the U.S.  The unit is described as a "battery operated smart cartridge" that puts a round in the chamber as it pops off.  The circular dial in the picture is a combination lock.  It operates by turning the dial  A reviewer writes, "You don’t have to start your unlocking code by going in a specific direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise both work, so long as you alternate each time) and you need only count the clicks.  The unit only fits semi-automatic handguns, not revolvers or any long gun.  Unlocking requires remembering the combination and correctly counting the "clicks" in each direction.  Retail price:  $120.00     ​Click here for website.

Trigger Blockers


​This product, invented by an engineer, blocks the trigger as shown using a biometric fingerprint reader.  When activated, the unit drops off the gun, exposing the trigger.  The unit will take up to 3 fingerprints.  The manufacturer writes that "IDENTILOCK offers mechanical override with a secondary backup system operated by key, in the event your battery dies before you have a chance to recharge it."  Dirty or sweaty fingers may impede operation of this unit.

The units only fit semi-automatic handguns, with different units for each brand.  It does not fit revolvers or long guns except Mossberg and Remington shotguns.  Retail price:  $239.00
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GunLok and Other Cable Lock Units

There are dozens of units like these, all using a cables threaded through the barrel to prevent firing.  Some, like GunLok, require a key.  Others use combination locks.  While they are cheap (GunLok retails for $36.00 and a simple cable with a locking mechanism runs $10), gun owners reject them because each requires finding the key or remembering the combination for the gun to be ready for action.  These cheap cable locks come standard, by law, with every gun.  Few are used.  In fact, that is the primary reason guns are hidden -- the owner did not want to rely on a cable lock in an emergency..


​​For every $10 gift we can warn 50 parents.



.This unit, made by Kodiac Arms, relies on a biometric fingerprint reader built into the gun, as shown.  The gun unlocks only for the fingerprints of authorized users (website does not say how many.)  When the gun is released, the safety mechanism automatically relocks.  There is no other way to unlock the gun.  Fingerprint readers may not read fingers which are sweaty or dirty.  The unit is only available on  new model 1911 guns, with retrofit units promised in the future.  Retail price:  $399.00

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Child-Safe 1. 

This product, designed by an aerospace engineer, works like a child-proof medicine cap.  The pressure points are disguised, and the pressure needed is too great for little fingers.  

The unit comes with two loud alarms to warn parents as soon as the gun is touched, but they can be turned off at night.  Multiple tests show no child has ever removed the unit, but trained parents easily have it off in under two-seconds (see demo on website.).

The unit makes it easy to carry the gun safely into other rooms, in a car, or even in a purse.  It fits most any handgun, rifle or shotgun..  Retail Price:  $99.00        Click here for website.

Disclosure:  ChildSafe1 is distributed by Global Gun Safety.  Dr. Witt is the CEO of that firm.  Our non-profit Gun Safety Awareness is legally and financially separate from ChildSafe1's for-profit firm, 

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