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​                        Saving Children's Lives & Families' Futures

But over 8,000 children like Jack do pull the trigger --  a child is shot almost EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY!  

Parents believe THEIR child is safe.  Until they see the body on the floor, and their world crashes around them.​

A Harvard survey found 73% of younger and  79% of older children knew where the "hidden" gun was.  And one-in-three had played with the gun, sometimes on numerous occasions!  And their parents never knew.  Hidden guns are KILLERS!

SUICIDE: Children also get depressed and feel worthless, especially if they are bullied at school or feel abused or worthless at home.  Yes, children do commit suicide.  A child under 13 commits suicide roughly every 3 days according to the Center for Disease Control, even young children. 

Teenagers kill themselves at a rate 22-times greater than pre-teens. 
A 2015 Youth Risk Behaviors Survey found 8.6 % of kids in grades 9-12 reported that they had made at least one suicide attempt in the past 12 months!  Experts say if they try once, they're more likely to try again.

To prevent children from shooting themselves or others, the best solution is for parents to keep guns out of their hands. 

But children will ALWAYS find things..  Was anything ever hidden in your home when you were a child?  .

Parents say, "I trained my kid not to touch my gun!"  Training is fine. -- but children are not little adults.  They don't always obey, especially when parents are not around!  They get excited, bullied, coerced, and angry.  Recently a
​9-year old boy in Mississippi shot his 14-year old sister when she would not give up the video game controller.  

An ABC documentary with Diane Sawyer watched what children do AFTER training when they are alone with a gun.  Parents had taught their kids never to touch a gun.  Did they?  60% picked the gun up!  Click here to watch the shocking video.

After parents accept they believed in a fantasy where their child would never hold their gun, dad still thinks he must protect the family with a gun, that's readily accessible.  And he still secretly believes "it won't happen to us."  Moms?  Not so much.  Now she is terrified and wants a solution!

THE GOAL:  Prevent children from pulling the trigger of a gun.
  If they find a hidden gun and can't pull the trigger, they remain alive and so does everyone else.  MILLIONS of children are at risk, living with an unsecured, hidden gun.​

The Problem

​Parents will always feel they must protect their family.  And a gun is often their weapon of choice.  Most  hide the gun in an accessible place.  They truly believe "Johnny will never find it,"

​Several manufacturers offer trigger blockers that are too complex for kids, but easy for trained adults to remove.  In addition, some parents will opt for a key or combination lock, trusting they will have it when needed.   Click here to see Trigger Blocker options.


Step One:  Convince parents that training or hiding guns is NOT enough to keep their children safe.

First, STOP fantasy thinking!  Convince parents that a hiding a gun or gun training will NOT guarantee their children's safety.   

FACT:  A HIDDEN GUN IS NEVER A SAFE GUN.  Parents who believe it iare just playing Russian Roulette with their child's life! Look at the kids on the Stories page.  Every one of their parents believed it would never happen to them!

Look at this family.  Does dad ever think Jack will find his hidden gun in the closet and accidentally shoot his sister?  Never!  

The solution is to stop kids from pulling the trigger.  To do that, the gun must have a device to block the trigger. 

But before dads will accept any trigger blocker, they must believe it will give him quick access to the trigger.  At the same time, it must stop children from having access to the trigger.  There is a solution that does both. 

But tragically parents themselves are guilty of facilitating the death or injury of their children.

That is how we save children RIGHT NOW.  No Fights with dad!  No delays!  No changes to the law.

We can do this NOW!

Will YOU help save a child's life today?

​ ​The Two-Step Solution


  • Step One:  Convince parents through facts and persuasion that hiding a gun will not ensure their child's safety.  
  • Step Two:  Show parents the most workable solution is a trigger blocker children cannot remove, but parents can quickly and easily remove in an emergency. 

The Education Solution -- Step One: 

The Education Solution -- Step Two

​​For every $10 gift we can warn 50 parents.