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Our Mission is to save children.  Millions of children live in a home with an unprotected gun. Nearly every hour a child finds a gun and pulls the trigger!  We can save these children -- with your help.  Donate and volunteer.  For every dollar you give, 5 families will learn the truth.  See how you can help.

Our Mission

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It can be yours.  Your tax-deductible donation will warn dozens or even hundreds of families.  A warning that protects kids year after year.  

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PHOENIX, AZ:  "At our family picnic the kids were playing with nerf guns when my 5 year old grandson's broke.  I saw him run to his daddy's truck and get in.  A minute later he came running back waving a Glock handgun.  My heart stopped!  I could never reach him in time.  Then I heard him yell, "Daddy, take it off!  Take it off!" 

My son had put a ChildSafe1 trigger blocker on his gun.  Without that block, we could have seen a horrible tragedy!  Thank God my son recognized the danger and blocked that trigger!"

Sally Valencia,  
Phoenix, AZ

 Children Die Daily

     Our Solution

"There is a child alive today because of what I did."

​Wouldn't that be a wonderful feeling?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN:  When the mother of 2-year-old Klyan Shelton “momentarily stepped away” from the kitchen, her son climbed up on a counter where she had left her purse. In it was her gun.

The boy took his mother’s handgun from the purse and accidentally shot himself with it in his upper chest.  He died on the way to the hospital.

USA Today  April 22, 2016

The Children We Save . . . . Or Lose

​Over 8,000 children under 13 are accidentally shot each year. -- over 20 a day, nearly a child an hour.  Most of these children could be saved.  ​But parents often live in a fantasy world thinking a hidden gun is a safe gun.  Until they tragically learn it is not.  ​
​See the terrible truth here. . . .

​Our message gives parents the true facts about guns, kids and death.  We must bust down parents' fantasy that their kids will never find a hidden gun and pull the trigger. 
We give parents a Tw0-Step Education Solution to protect their children from a bullet. The solution is eye-opening and it works! 
We can help 50 families keep their
kids safe for only a $10 donation!