​​For every $10 gift we can warn 50 parents.


​      Gun Safety Awareness


​                        Saving Children's Lives & Families' Futures

Contact Us. . . and Contact Others!

Please contact your friends and neighbors, too!

Get together with your friends for coffee or wine and brainstorm how the group of you could help. 
​We'll furnish you all the information you need to make your own creative ideas successful.  

You could even pick a name and become a force for protecting children in your own community!

Whatever you do, know that YOU will be helping to save children and their families for a brighter future.

Let's Save Children Together!

We are on a crusade to save children from a bullet.  The more people who join the crusade, the more children we will save.  

Please contact us here:

email:    witt@gunsafetyawareness.org

Phone:  480-223-7705

Text:      480-223-7705.