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​      Gun Safety Awareness


​                        Saving Children's Lives & Families' Futures

  • The average cost of treating a gunshot wound is $50,000..
  • An Ohio study found 87% of parents believed their child (ages 5 - 15) would not touch a found gun because they were "too smart" (45%) or "told them not to" (35%).
  • American children are sixteen times more likely to be killed in unintentional shootings than their peers in other rich countries.
  • About a third of American children live in homes with firearms, and of these households, 43 percent contain at least one unlocked firearm.  1.7 million live in homes with guns that are both loaded and unlocked.

About Us

CHARITY:  Global Gun Safety Awareness is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was formed in 2017.

LEADER:  GGSA is led by Dr. Gary Witt, a retired professor of psychology and marketing.  Dr. Witt holds a doctorate from the University of Texas in psychology and communication.  He has written both trade and textbooks, was a reporter and anchorman, and produced multi-award winning series for Public Broadcasting.

MISSION:  GGSA's mission and message is to warn parents about the danger of a hidden gun, to create new dialog about better solutions, to change thinking about children and guns, to offer alternatives, and to generate new behavior which protects children and ensures their safety. 

SUPPORTERS:  GGSA;s mission is supported by numerous gun safety organizations, pediatricians, as well as gun safety trainers, gun retailers, and gun professionals.  This issue transcends politics -- No one wants to see a child hurt or killed. 

Facts About Us

This is Will McAnaul, 3, of Dayton, Ohio.  He accidentally killed himself with "daddy's emergency gun" he found under his parents' bed.  His parents never thought it could happen to them. 

Will's story is repeated over 8,000 times each year, children dead or grievously wounded by a bullet in their little bodies.  All because they found a loaded gun and pulled the trigger. 

The issue of child safety and child suicide transcends politics.  No one wants a child hurt.  We are one of the few non-profits whose mission is embraced by both sides of the gun debate

We have a way to SAVE THESE CHILDREN right now!  If we can get our message to their parents!

In 2017 we began our mission to warn parents that "a hidden gun is not a safe gun, it is death waiting to kill your child."   And we offer a solution embraced by hundreds of gun owners -- new trigger blocks that children can't get off, but parents can remove in just seconds!  We show parents how to keep their family safe and whole.

Facts About Our Work